Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Weekend Fashion: Lady In Red, The Outfit In Action!

Remember my H&M Varsity Jacket and Bakers Red Pumps I recently purchased that I told you guys about! I finally got to wear it this Saturday night! *Hammer Dance* I went to a small gathering in Staten Island with my boyfriend, my sister and her husband and we had a great time! Tell me what you think guys!

Bag From H&M
Red Pumps From H&M
Light Blue Jeans From H&M
Varsity Jacket From H&M
White T-Shirt From Hanes
"Jungle Red" Lipstick From NARS


  1. Platform pumps are cute love heels on other girls...not for me but they are cute on your feet. Now, that jacket with some converse =) thats my kinda laid back style ;)

  2. Aww thank you girly! What about wedges? They're much more comfortable!


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