Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ready For The Woods...

Hey guys! Yes, I know it's been a while since I've posted but my blog has been under construction and I refused to post any material until I'm satisfied with how my page looks...and it's finally finished! Most likely I'll be making some more changes but I'm pretty much happy with my design!

Anyways, last weekend my family and I went camping at Camp KOA in Newburgh, New York and we had so much fun! Of course I had to dedicate one day to taking pictures for you guys! I mean  I pretty much looked like a tom boy the whole weekend, but my second day of camping I got a little girly! Check me out!

Graphic Tee ~ Walmart, Bangles ~ Laila Rowe, Daisy Dukes ~ H&M, Boots ~ H&M

Oh, and here's another little treat for you guys! My sister Jarette put together a little video to show just HOW much fun we had camping last weekend! Check out all the craziness below!


  1. nice video Retty! Can't wait to join you guys next time :-)

  2. Love this!! Your boots are too cute! And your hair looks gorgeous.


  3. those boots are soo awesome!! i've never seen them at H&Ms where i live though!

  4. wow! amazing shoes! i want them badly!
    like ur blog. check out mine and we can follow each other if you wanna!



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