Thursday, August 2, 2012

Ross The Boss

I just wanna say this. Ross is truly a boss.

If ya'll don't already know, I'm a huge MMG fan. I love the entire team. Rozay and his crew consistently drop hit after hit and there is no one topping their movement right now. Meek Mill, Wale, Gunplay, Stalley and newly added member Omarion are all forces to be reckoned with. I could go on for days. As a matter of fact, I will. Let me tell you why I love MMG.

Of his artists, Meek is my favorite, because he raps with such a hunger in his voice that it gives me chills sometimes. He truly represents for the underdog and I respect him immensely for that. I think he's also my favorite because that hunger reminds me of my cousin Neuk who's also a dope up and coming rapper. (Check him out and download his mixtape on! You know I had to give him a little shoutout LOL.)

Gunplay is just plain crazy. He's really about that street life. And he's just hilarious to me and he can spit out the wazoo.

I actually remember watching Wale perform on Rising Star a few years back with my sister and we instantly loved his vibe. We knew that he was gonna be a star. Then out of nowhere he dropped, "Pretty Girls" which I LOVED. Then I fell in love with "The Break Up Song". Next thing I know, he's on MMG dropping all kind of hits. He's a smooth operator and his lyrics  flow so well that it is unbelievable. He raps with no effort. I feel like if I asked Wale to drop a verse in front of me right now he would do it like he was having an everyday conversation. I can't. Watch his performance on Rising Star here! be honest I didn't like him at first. As a matter of fact, let me clarify...I didn't understand him at first. He's not your typical rapper and I wasn't comfortable with that because he has a sound all his own. And you know as humans, we don't like change to much. But then he grew on me. I fell in love with his song "Go On". Then my sister Jarette had me listen to his song "Island Hopping" featuring Avriel Epps (isn't that a beautiful name?) and I was SOLD. He's a smooth dude and truly talented.

And I'm sure you all know about Omarion, former member of B2K. I've always liked Omarion and he was my favorite member of B2K. Then be broke out and became a solo artist and I loved him even more. I followed his solo career every album, and then he kind of disappeared. Next thing I know, he's signed with MMG. Bought that Self Made 2 album and I heard his song "Let's Talk" ft. Rozay. LOVED IT. Heard his song "M.I.A" ft. Wale...I play it at least once a day. Love his soultry voice. He's an excellent addition to MMG and he fits right in.

Now let's talk about who this post was originally supposed to be about...the BOSS, Ricky Rozay...
He is the smoothest rapper in the game right now. PERIOD. His music has a classic sound. Coupled with those savage lyrics? I can't. His fashion sense is impeccable. Absolutely classy and tasteful. He keeps his hood look going but adds sophistication to every outfit. He's a gentleman. Yes, we all know he talks about certain "things", in his music, but in his interviews he is always a gentleman and is always very respectful when it comes to women. I would usually shrink up and die inside in the presence of a huge star like Ross, because I feel like he would look down on me and totally play lil ol me. But after watching the interview that inspired this post, I actually want to meet him. He seems like he would be a total sweetheart and listen to what you have to say. He's very humble and he gives credit when due. In the same interview, he spoke about his single biggest rap influence, Dr. Dre. You could feel that sincerity and respect for him in every word that came from his mouth. But get it right, Rick Ross is not one who takes kindly to disrespect. He will shut you down and you will feel stupid once he's done with you (click here for an example...ouch). He cares about his artists. He's not one of those moguls who's goal is only to make money of his artists...he genuinely cares about the success of his artists. Last but not least, he a real BOSS. A lot of rappers refer themselves as bosses...but no one is as much as a boss as he is right now. He gets money like a boss, talks like a boss...I mean he's just everything the definition of a boss is. When Charlemagne asked about his beef with rapper 50 Cent and if that ever made him feel like his back was against the wall, he said:
And yes, I re-winded, wrote down his words and typed it onto the above picture. It's that serious.

That statement gave me chills and this alone made me decide that he's my all time favorite rapper.  I've never named someone my favorite rapper because I like many...but he gets the title (like I'm somebody right? LOL). But the picture above does not give his words justice. Watch the full interview on Power 105.1's Breakfast Club. If you're pressed for time at least fast forward to the 14:37 mark on the video. That's where he discusses his views on the beef with 50 Cent. I can't with this man.

With that said, make sure you purchase Self-Made 2 and Ross' new album, "God Forgives I Don't"!

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