Thursday, March 31, 2011

Shoe Satisfaction: Clunky Madness Without The Pain!

As you guys all know, I'm absolutely addicted to shoes and I just purchased some more! However, the style of the shoe is a little different from what I normally get. My older sister, Jarette, HATES stiletto's because they are very uncomfortable for her. The dilema? She still loves heels, and because she's such a short little thing she likes to add a little height to herself. Solution? "Clunks", as I like to call them! These type of heels (i.e wedges and platform heels) are much more comfortable for the feet.  They give you height, make your legs look beautiful and shapely but are also very comfortable! And, they give a funky little vibe to any outfit!

Jarette and I recently went shoe shopping and we came across the perfect clunks. And of course, me being the little sister I went and bought some for myself as well! Check em' out!

Style: Pelly-39 By Rouge (not available online)

Style: Ceasar-05 By Rouge (not available online) 
Adorable aren't they?

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