Friday, April 1, 2011

Chris Brown: A Modern Day Michael Jackson

Yes, I compared Chris Brown to the late Michael Jackson. And I think it's only right to make such a comparison. Chris Brown is the closest man ever who can emulate the legend's style and sound so closely. He amazes us with his Pop & R&B music and he has us in awe as we watch him dance. From the very beginning of his career, MJ's effect on Chris Brown's style of Music has been very evident. Here are some highlights.

One of his songs he released off of his first album "Chris Brown" is entitled "Gimme That" and it closely resembles MJ's music video for "Smooth Criminal".

Check out the below video. Last year, Chris Brown performed a few Michael Jackson songs in tribute to his legend. It was such a moving performance.

Almost a splitting image of MJ. Anyone who has any sense knows that those tears were ginuine, and Michael used to cry in his performances as well. Amazing.

Things haven't always been easy for Chris. Two years ago, he got into a physical altercation with beautiful singer and ex-girlfriend Rihanna (who I believe he's still madly in love with LOL). Recently, he trashed the Good Morning America office after repeatedly being asked about the incident in an interview. In my opinion, I think people should just drop it already. Not that it's an excuse of course but I mean, leave the boy alone already! It's over. He's apoligized and payed his debt to society so let the man live. The great thing is that he's young so he has and HAS had plenty of time to look at the "man in the mirror" and change his ways. And he's doing great at it.

His latest album "F.AM.E" which was released on March 22, 2011 is now Number 1 in the country! The album cover actually resembles the "Dangerous" album cover. Check it out:

Crazy right? And even more importantly, he has a very similar style to Michael Jackson. He wraps Pop and R&B all into one beautiful gift that will have you moving and bopping to the beat. He recently also released one of his songs from his new album and it's entitled "Beautiful People". It's a great song. Definitely something MJ would have done and so is the music video. Check it out below!

He also performed this song along with "Yeah 3X" and "Forever" at "Dancing With The Stars". He did great and it was also very remencent of a Michael Jackson performance, especially with the colorful suits and what not:

Now take a look at MJ's last performance with his brothers. It was the first thing I thought of when I saw Chris Brown perform on DWTS.

I could go on for hours about other similarities! But it just goes to show that when one generation passes, another emerges and many times, what was once old becomes new, and Chris Brown has to be the best example of that. I am really looking forward to what he does next!

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