Monday, April 4, 2011

Beauty Haul: Brush Sets, Eyeliners & Matte Lipsticks...

And for my second obession...MAKE-UP!

It was absolutely impossible for me to pass 5th Avenue the other day without walking into Sephora, one of my favorite Make-up Stores! I also stopped in Duane Reade on 48th and 6th for some other things ;). Check it out!

Turbo Volum'Express Mascara by Maybelline (not available online) $7.99

Prevail Mini Duo Brush Set (not available online) $10.99
And it folds into a compact pouch for easy storage! Adorable! Prevail is sold exclusively at Duane Reade!

Prevail Retractable Brush (not available online)
I love this brush! It's great because it's retractable and this makes it easy to close. Ever get annoyed when you try to put the brush top on, but brush bristles won't stay together and they keep poking out the sides?! Well, you don't have to worry about that with this brush! And the brush is amazingly soft so it feels great on your skin! Try it! $13.99

And now for the products I purchased at Sephora!

White & Black Eye Liners by Sephora $5.00
White eye liner is great to apply on the waterline of the eye to give you that baby doll look, and it really brings out the eye and makes them seem bigger! Here are some examples!

Here are the Matte Lipsticks I got!

Semi-Matte "Jungle Red" Lipstick by Mars $24.00
Love this color! It's bright and it smells like Froot Loops! Yum!

This is a beautiful bring pink and it goes on lovely!

What do you think guys?

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