Friday, November 11, 2011

In My Shopping Cart...

So as you all probably know, chunky heeled booties A-K-A Lita's are the trend right now...and I'm liking! I've been DYING to get some in leopard print and I found them! They're sold at a very reasonable price on one of my favorite shopping sites, GoJaneSteve Madden also has an adorable pair that I once saw at Strawberry for $109.99 ($149.99 online). Click on the pictures to see where you can purchase them online!

Oh, and by the way, I'm unmasking my hidden talent! I'm going to start incorporating poetry into my posts starting with the next one. Can't wait to see you guy's reactions!


  1. i just ordered the beige suede pair..cant wait to wear them !!

  2. Love them!!

  3. ordered a pair and I am in love. Staying on trend for an affordable price!!

  4. Love them!!! thanks for sharing

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  5. I love the last one!
    Cant wait to read your poetry! =)

    Practically Coffee

  6. My name is Gabrielle too! I adore your blog! Check out mine and if you like follow!


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