Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Hey everybody! So I'm back with another outfit post along with my opinions on a fashion show presented by Apple Bottoms that I attended this past weekend.

I was so happy that I got to wear this jacket! It reminds me of Michael Jackson's infamous red jacket from the "Thriller" music video! Let me know what you think!
Jeans ~ Forever 21
Shoes ~ Cupid

I'll tell you what else was a thriller; the Evolution of Curves Fashion Show that I mentioned earlier. I was surprised at some things. The cause and goal behind it was wonderful but I really think that the presentation could have been a lot better. As we all know, Apple Bottoms is a clothing line specifically made to fit the realistic, everyday curvy woman. Being so, they should be dressed as elegantly and organized as any other woman. I was quite disappointed in the fit of the apparel that the models were dressed in. All imperfections were clearly seen. Though I strongly disagree, many view me as petite. Despite that, I leave my house every single day with a full under body suit to make sure I don't wiggle and jiggle. These models had no kind of body support underneath their clothing. For other models, you could clearly see their spanks underneath their clothing. No matter what size you are or how confident you may be, as a woman, spanks and other body support should be a part of our wardrobe. However, if these under garments that are designed to keep it together still don't work, then the outfit isn't for you. There were some pieces that I thought were really cute, but I was distracted by how they looked on the model. There was this one dress that I thought was absolutely beautiful, but I was distracted because it did not fit the model well at all. As a stylist, you should always make your clothes, whatever the brand, fit the body proportion of the model, instead of forcing the models into the clothing, exposing all their imperfections.

Along with that, there were other issues that concerned me. When coming into the auditorium where the fashion show was being presented, you were able to see all of the models and see them change before the show. There was what seemed to be a shower curtain taped on these two pillars, which served as a door to the models changing area. Even so, you could still see everything that was going on behind the curtain because it was so poorly hung. This was the case even during the 15 minute intermission. I feel that you should never ever be able to see the models and the clothes at any point other than when they are ripping the runway. I felt that it was quite tacky.
Once we entered the auditorium, my girlfriends and I had to wait 15 minutes to even get a seat, despite the fact that we were to be considered VIP guests. This was all 30 minutes before the show was scheduled to start. There was so much disorganization. Even if the models are not ready or things are going slow, the guests should never be able to see or sense that. There were many awkward pauses and moments during the show, rather than the DJ playing music to ease the mood.

Like I did mention, I really do love the cause behind the event. The founder of The Evolution of Curves and co-host of the show, Sandy, is making an effort to restore homes in Haiti and also empower curvy women. She mentioned that she wants to institute an educational program for curvy women, teaching them about etiquette, hygiene and fashion. She wants the world to know that just because you may be considered plus-sized does not mean that you have to be physically inactive. She mentioned that all of the models that participated in the show exercise on a regular basis and do not sit around like couch potatoes as many may think. One of the fashion lines that was featured during the show was a customizable jewelry line, where you can enter the store and be guaranteed that you can walk out with an item that fits you. My sister, Jarette always struggles with bangles, because she has such thick wrists, and often can not buy the ones she likes because they do not fit. She was excited to hear that someone finally created a line that will fit her needs.

Over all, it wasn't an all bad fashion show, but  considering that Nelly's name and brand was included in the advertisement, I would think that the show would have been put together much better. Regardless, I've included a few pictures which includes fashion by Apple Bottoms and pieces from other designers who showcased their work at the event. Your thoughts?


  1. This jacket is realllllly awesome and the event looks like something I would have attended......ugh boring MS nothing fun ever happens here

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  3. What a great thrifted jacket! Lovely find! Thanks for your comment on my blog!

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    Love the jacket! I've been doing some thrifting myself searching for cute blazers.


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  6. i love your outfit so cute xoxo

  7. Great jacket.


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